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Infringement: picks for day 3

It's a big day for the Buffalo Infringement Festival, which is hosting in the area of 58 separate performances (and that's not counting the myriad ongoing visual art installations) in venues across the city. Here is stab at five, among many, that I can recommend as worth your while:

From 12 to 9:45 in The Vault (702 Main St.) will showcase some of the Infringement Fest's coolest musical acts, including one of my personal Infringement faves, the indomitable Jack Toph. His description at the Infringement site is shockingly accurate: "Jack Topht raps super hard, he does rap and punk better than everyone else too, his air-horn sample gets people wicked pumped." I can attest to at least some of that. Topht, who plays at 6 p.m., will be joined by nine other acts well worth checking out, including Charles Quagliana and Ted Reinhardt.

At the same time as The Vault show, the neighboring Wasteland Studios (700 Main St.) hosts a daylong slate of bands and art itself, for which more details are here. (There also huge concerts at Merge, Nietzsche's, DBGB, SP@CE 224, Filigree's and Soundlab today, among other venues. Seek the Infringement schedule for details. The volume of local music you can hear today within the city limits has got to be unprecedented.)

From 5 to 5:45 in Rust Belt Books, Franklin LaVoie performs his story "Incident at Deer Lick" as Mark Twain. Having seen this production at last year's Infringement Fest, I can hugely, whole-heartedly recommend it.

It would not be Infringement without Shakespeare in the Parking Space, Ron Ehmke and Brian Milbrand's interactive Shakspeare project that gives a whole new meaning to street theater. it's one of the longest-established, most creative and best-loved parts of the annual festival.

From 8:30 to 11 p.m., 464 Gallery hosts an outdoor movie night, the highlights of which will be Jeff Maciewski's documentary "The Loft ... Riding Into the Sunset," Jason Klinger's "The Empire Strikes Bank," followed by a showcase of local DIY docs.

There's way too much to do at Infringement today. Hope you all have a great time doing it.

--Colin Dabkowski


Infringement Festival
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