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Fiddlin' the day away

Take time out of your busy schedule to watch a bunch of baby violinists grooving their way through "Buffalo Gals."  See if this does not brighten your day.

And these kids are not even from Buffalo!

This video comes to us courtesy of the superlative fiddler Mark O'Connor. The teacher, as I understand it, is affiliated with his Allegheny Mountain Strings Project. O'Connor, let's remember, is no stranger to Buffalo himself. I will always remember when he played a couple of years ago with the Orchard Park Symphony. It was a lot of fun to have this star in our midst and O'Connor played a terrific show featuring his own vivacious and charming Fiddle Concerto.

I like what a team player O'Connor is. He works so hard organizing efforts to teach kids to play the violin, as the video up above shows, and also he seems to spend a lot of time traveling the byways of America. The show with the Orchard Park Symphony appears to be typical. He seems to play a lot with smaller ensembles, community groups, kids' orchestras.

And it's funny, he is not especially eager to claim the starring role. Roaming the Internet just now I found this video of O'Connor playing the beautiful "Ashokan Farewell" with a group of other distinguished musicians. The "Ashokan Farewell" is the poignant waltz that accompanied the Ken Burns series on the Civil War. I love this performance for its collaborative spirit. No one is grandstanding. O'Connor is the handsome dude with the mustache, third from the left. You do not see him until the music gets under way.

It is easy to fiddle your whole day away! As if you have all the time in the world.

There is something about this music that shoots your work ethic!

-- Mary Kunz Goldman



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