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Hot right now -- the BPO App

Bpoapp The New York Times ran a story recently about all the different classical music apps there are out there. And the story mentioned the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra App.

Apparently the app left them with an appetite for more.

Quoth the Times: "Apps for some orchestras, like the Houston Symphony and Buffalo Philharmonic, offer only shorter audio excerpts, while the London Philharmonic offers full works at times and brief excerpts at other times."

The BPO App is powered through Instant Encore, the big classical music site based in San Diego, Calif. Instant Encore's Director of Music and Media is a Western New Yorker, Steven Carlson, who is from Angola and once upon a time was a classical music announcer for WHLD-FM in Niagara Falls. Steven is busy these days helping in developing these apps, working with arts groups across the country.

You can get on iTunes to read everything the BPO App offers. It lets you browse upcoming events and past events, keep up with the BPO's latest news and blogs, updates, offers, and, they stress, no spam. As the picture suggests, You can also listen to select recordings and watch videos. The app also invites you to view artwork, program notes and repertoire info.

You can use your app from your seat to pre-order drinks from the Kleinhans bar. OK, I am making that up. But surely that is in the future.

Has anyone tried out this app? I am going to try it for myself and see how it goes.

I will report!

-- Mary Kunz Goldman



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