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Infringement picks: day eight

It boggles my mind that we're already heading into the final weekend of the Buffalo Infringement Festival. But rather than wasting our energy lamenting that fact, better to spend it on making the most of the fest's final days. To that end, here are today's five Infringement picks:

Always a highlight of Infringement, Squeaky Wheel's Outdoor Animation Festival gets going in Days Park tonight at 8:30 and runs through 11. It features a series of stop-motion films by Hallwalls artist-in-residence Brent Green.

Ella Joseph's installation at last year's Infringement Festival piqued my interest (and that of Ron Ehmke, who offered this review of Joseph's 2007 installation: "while I'm not entirely sure what it means in the strictest sense, I can definitely identify the feelings it evokes in me..."), so I'd recommend checking out what she has to offer this year as well. Her piece, "Within Boundary or A Ride in the Air," runs tonight only from 5:30 to 10 p.m. in ScenoArt at 239 Linwood Ave.

"Gun Crazy," a performance by a local artist by the name of Fictional Mixtape, is described as "multi-part spoken word piece with electronic accompaniment, thematically addressing America's love affair with guns." It gets going in Sugar City at 6:30 p.m.

"Oh, Mr. W," is "a fantasy-account of one woman's experience working in the cubicle world of Corporate America -- a discussion/exploration of the bizarreness of everyday office culture, the social elite, suggestions on how to extend your breaktime, tips on how to get fired gracefully, and sado-masochism." That's at Rust Belt Books tonight at 8:30 and Saturday at 7.

Use this opportunity to check out a new venue called Slyboots (350 Ellicott St.), where performances from Rust Belt jam band Tyrohill, Alasanne Sarr and On the Sly, described as "world jazz rock fusion." That starts at 7 and runs through midnight.

--Colin Dabkowski




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