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Infringement picks: day six

It's just past the halfway point of the Infringement Fest. Hard to believe, I know, but all the more reason to get out on the town tonight to check out what the fest has to offer. Here's a quick rundown of five must-see Infringement events happening later this afternoon:

At 3 p.m. in the Crane Library, Franklin LaVoie performs his engrossing story "Incident at Deer Lick" in the style and guise of Mark Twain. Don't miss this if you can help it.

Last night was Sugar City's documentary showcase, and tonight, starting at 6, is its local Comedy Film Showcase, which features work by John Fink, Gary F. MooneyRich Viola & Mike Sajecki and Jason Klinger.

From 10:30 to 11 tonight in Merge, local funnymen Don Gervasi and Todd Benzin of Eclectic Improv transpose their improvisational comedy style to an hourlong play "Babushka," which is concocted on the spot with suggestions from the audience. That's followed by a half-hour of standup comedy.

At 7 p.m. Casa De Arte (formerly known as the Gateway Gallery) hosts Kilissa Cissoko's Infringement-born-and-bred project "Airport Musical."

Sometimes, you have to attend an Infringement event purely on faith, or at least based on its sometimes-misleading promotional description. I tried that approach last night for the theater piece "creator" and was horribly let down. But there's no reason not to try again.

Tonight, in SP@CE 224, an event titled "Losing the Plot; Developing Character" gets going at 5. Here's the eyebrow-raising description in its strange entirety: "In 2008, feeling depressed after losing my job, I was put on a cocktail of psychiatric medications that could have killed a horse, and almost killed me. This performance is a tale of how I escaped the system, got off all drugs and managed to stay saner than the system the entire time despite a rendezvous with homelessness, a psychiatric ward, and a near death experience. Information on how to safely withdraw psychiatric medications will be available."

--Colin Dabkowski



Infringement Festival
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