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Monday morning musical quarterbacking

Orff2 After experiencing "Carmina Burana" at Kleinhans Music Hall on Saturday I found myself lying awake thinking about it. It was just so loud, if nothing else! It reminds me of one Christmas Eve when I went to Midnight Mass at St. Joseph's Cathedral and they had that World's Fair organ going full blast and bells ringing and even a mighty "Silent Night" that rocked the house. I mean, I loved it, but that Christmas I was awake until dawn! Sometimes you are just on sensory overload.

"Carmina Burana" -- the fevered brainchild of composer Carl Orff, pictured at left -- was very enjoyable in its overblown way. On the way out, I turned to my husband, Howard, and I said, "How fun was that?"

I know, that is bad grammar, but that is the best way to put it!

But back to my lying awake. Because of my deadline I had to write the review really fast and a lot of the time I leave things out. There are a couple of things I wish I could have mentioned.

One was that it was a delight, what an all-ages show it was. Lots of kids and people in their 20s, all the way up to people in their 90s. I love concerts like that.

Also there was that baritone, Richard Zeller. I wish I could have gone into his singing in more depth. I wrote what a presence he had, but I did not have time to do justice to how good he was. Zeller did amazing things with that voice of his. He could be extremely soft and subtle and also powerful and resonant. I could imagine him being good in a wide range of different styles.

So much of "Carmina Burana" hinged on him and he not only sang beautifully but he sang with passion, as if he enjoyed every minute. It is great when singers and musicians look alive and involved. Kudos to him.

And to the Buffalo Philharmonic Chorus. It's hard to praise these singers enough in a piece like this. They really breathed and sang as one.

Is there anything else I forgot to mention? Any other aspects of "Carmina Burana" that need to be discussed?

Can I finally get some sleep?

-- Mary Kunz Goldman



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