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Start chilling the eggnog...

The holiday season has begun!

Just this morning I heard the Trans-Siberian Orchestra's commercial hyping its Christmas show. You have probably heard it too. It is here to stay! We are going to be hearing that "Carol of the Bells" daily until Christmas. Matter of fact we will be hearing it after Christmas. The show is not until Dec. 27!

You definitely cannot beat this thing. So let's join it.

We surrender. It is Christmas!

Here is one creative video of "Carol of the Bells."

A person commenting on that video points out testily that the composer of "Carol of the Bells" was Mykola Leontovych. The actual name of the tune is "Shchedryk." That is good knowledge to be armed with when you go to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra's concert! When they blast off with this song you may turn to your neighbor and say, "Ah, 'Shchedryk.'"

Here are the Muppets singing "Shchedryk." I am sitting here laughing at my desk!

The Vienna Choir Boys give us a traditional take.


Are you psyched yet for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra? If you're not yet, that's OK. You still have three months!

Meanwhile let's get started with that eggnog.

-- Mary Kunz Goldman





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