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A Thanksgiving time machine

Over the river and through the woods, to WNED-FM we go! While other stations -- "our commercial cousins," as WNED amusingly puts it -- are seguing into the Christmas music, the classical music station is taking a break for Thanksgiving.

On Thanksgiving Day, WNED, Classical 94.5, will be airing Thanksgiving music.  On tap, says program director Gabe DiMaio, will be Dvorak, Copland and, we hope, a "Te Deum" or two. DiMaio did not say anything about a "Te Deum," but it would be nice to have one.

And perhaps a "Non Nobis Domine," which like the "Te Deum" is an age-old prayer of thanks. They could use this one, from Ken Branagh's "Henry V."

But we saved the best for last.

Shortly after noon on Thanksgiving Day, WNED is going to broadcast the traditional clip that Clint Buehlman used to broadcast for years on Thanksgiving on WBEN-AM. It features Fred Waring singing the "Over the River and Through the Woods" song, formally known as "Grandma's Thanksgiving."

"We've been maintaining the tradition for the last three years," DiMaio says.

In the clip at the top of this post you can hear at least part of that song. It begins right around 4:36 (but you will want to tune in at least at 3:24 to catch the priceless commercial for General Electric Sleep Guard).

That is from a Fred Waring Thanksgiving special. The song is accompanied by a priceless glimpse of a classic Hollywood-style Thanksgiving. So orderly, so reverent. That is not the atmosphere at my table, I can tell you that right now!

But it is fun to watch, listen and dream.

-- Mary Kunz Goldman


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