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Greater Buffalo Cultural Alliance speaks up

Today, the Greater Buffalo Cultural Alliance, a regional arts advocacy group formed last year in the wake of the county cultural funding crisis, released a statement reaffirming its mission to form a "united front" of regional arts groups. The statement follows (emphasis mine):

The Steering Committee members of the Greater Buffalo Cultural Alliance (GBCA) affirmed at a recent meeting that regardless of the upcoming County government election and its subsequent results the grassroots organization will continue its commitment to providing strong advocacy and support that focuses on bringing the arts and cultural communities of the Western New York region together as one united front. A significant part of these efforts will be to create a dedicated Erie County funding mechanism for the Arts.

GBCA spokesperson and Co-chair Randall Kramer stated, “This is not a political issue but speaks to how we envision our community in the future. The Arts need to team up with all sectors, government, business and public, to ensure the greatest possible results for our region.”

“We remain committed to have the entire cultural sector recognized for its importance to this region’s economy, quality of life, education and enjoyment; and we remain committed to securing proper investment for all the cultural organizations that make up this important sector,” Tod A.Kniazuk, the newly appointed executive director of the Arts Services Initiative of Western New York, added.

--Colin Dabkowski


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