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Subversive Theatre Collective offers a new vision on a George Orwell classic

LOCAL  Theater_Animal Farm  Scull
Jeffrey Coyle,"Napolean" {third from left} and Jonathan Shuey,"Snowball" {far left}, along with Brian Zybala,"Boxer" and Maria Droz,"Mollie" perform in Subversive Theatre / Theatre Jugend's production "Occupy Animal Farm."     Harry Scull Jr./Buffalo News


For its last piece of ultra-relevant political theater, the Subversive Theatre Collective produced local playwright Michael Fannelli’s absurdist riff on former Federal Reserve Bank Chairman Alan Greenspan. And now, before the stage has had a chance to cool off from that wonderfully whacked-out production, Subversive is fixing to rouse the rabble once more

This time, it will do so with an original adaptation of George Orwell’s eternally relevant novella "Animal Farm," an allegory of totalitarianism that is frightening for its permanent application to the way we live. Orwell’s widely treasured work was adapted for the Subversive stage by Justin Karcher ("The Last of the Sensitive Bastards") in a production recently redubbed "Occupy Animal Farm" and helmed by director-on-the-rise Drew McCabe.

McCabe has created original animal masks for the production, which includes plenty of physical theater
and dance elements. The show stars Jeffrey Coyle, Jonathan Shuey, Brian Zybala, Kristin Bentley, Maria Droz, Matt Kindly and Erin Brignone.

Tickets are $15 to $20, with more information at or 408-0499.

-- Colin Dabkowski

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