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Take a look: Check out ZGM Gallery

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"Dream," a photograph by John Santerineross, is on view through Nov. 26 as part of ZGM Gallery's "Suspects and Visitations" exhibition. 

If you haven’t had a chance to check out ZGM Gallery (1045 Elmwood Ave.), the local art space launched in 2009, two exhibitions running through Nov. 26 provide a fine opportunity to do so.
  David Brommer’s stark portraits feature members of the mid-’90s Seattle goth scene, a collection of club kids, scenesters and self-styled weirdos who, despite their ostensible edginess, recall a safer and more comfortable time. There’s "Armondo," a young man shown gesturing in profile like a latter-day, leather-clad hepcat and "Melinda," a platinum blonde in striped stockings, thigh-high leather boots and a leather miniskirt. From today’s perspective, these completely nonthreatening mid-’90s anachronisms are practically cute.
  The same can’t be said for John Santerineross’ work, which is the stuff of vivid nightmares. His highly stylized and sometimes double-exposed photographs of rotting old barrels, ancient metal objects, bleeding portraits, strange torture devices, unsettling biomorphic creations, dolls made of accursed wood, blurry male and female forms conflated and naked women drinking strange substances. It’s curious and disturbing in equal measure -- and well worth a look.
   For more information, call 510-0251 or visit
  -- Colin Dabkowski


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