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'The Florestine Collection' screens tonight in Squeaky Wheel

A still from "The Florestine Collection," a film by the late artist Helen Hill, will be screened Nov. 18 in Squeaky Wheel. 

On a January morning in 2007, filmmaker Helen Hill was shot and killed in her home in New Orleans, the victim of a random act of violence that New Orleaneans and artists across the country are still trying to make sense of. When Hill died, she was working on a film called "The Florestine Collection," inspired by the artist’s discovery of 100 handmade dresses in a trash pile one Mardi Gras day.
  The film, which has been completed by Hill’s husband, Paul Gailiunas and other friends and colleagues, will screen at 7 tonight (Nov. 18) in Squeaky Wheel (712 Main St.). After the film screening, Buffalo musician and artist Damien Weber will perform "Like Ghosts," a video
album "compiled from vintage Polish cartoon footage" and accompanied by Weber’s band Heart Parts.
  For more information on the event, call 884-7172 or visit
 -- Colin Dabkowski


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