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Tonight at Torn Space Theater: 'The Outlaw Show'

The cast of Torn Space Theater's "The Outlaw Show."

The Outlaw Show,” a madcap performance piece conceived by the ambitious Buffalo troupe Real Dream Cabaret, has had an uncommonly long research and development phase. The Cabaret started work on the performance back in 2006, launching investigations into various mildly to wildly unlawful activities as well as into the annals of Buffalo’s criminal history.

The video-infused show will debut Thursday in Torn Space Theatre (612 Fillmore Ave.) in the troupe’s latest collaboration with the avant-garde theater company. According to a release, the show features “a familiar line up of infamous mobsters, molls, comic book supervillains, hippies and scofflaws from across history. Thrown together after death into an inter-dimensional holding zone, the Limbo Lounge, the outlaws are forced to perform in an interminable talent show.”

Tickets are $15 for students or $20 general admission. No one under 18 will be admitted. The show runs at 8 p. m. Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays through Dec. 11. For more information, call 812-5733 or visit

--Colin Dabkowski


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