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McCartney drops new album in February

Nasty Little Man, Paul McCartney's publicity representative, announced this morning that the former Beatle will release a new album through the Hear Music/Concord Records laebl on February 7th of 2012. The as yet untitled album finds McCartney paying tribute to the songs that influenced him as a child and, in many cases, inspired him to set out on his own quest as a songwriter. And we all know how that quest turned out, don't we?

In addition to the interpretations that fill the album, McCartney penned two new songs of his own. Interestingly, for the first time in his career, McCartney plays no instrument on the record, enlisting instead  Diana Krall and her band, as well as buddies Eric Clapton and Stevie Wonder. (No, there will be no repirse of "Ebony and Ivory.")

Today at 2 p.m., the track"My Valentine" will be exclusively streamed on  for 24 hours only. Here's a nice snap of Macca in the studio. God, I hope this thing is good!!! - Jeff Miers
McCartney in studio

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