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Captive Hearts: Irish Classical Theatre Company presents "The Hostage"

Hostage 1, cropped
Bethany Sparacio as Teresa and Joshua Radford as young British soldier Leslie Williams in the Irish Classical Theatre Company production of "The Hostage."

The Irish Classical Theatre Company has had good luck with hostage plays. Its 1994 production of Frank McGuinness’ "Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me" was so much beloved that it was brought back for another production in 2009, also acclaimed.

This time, the theater is trying its hand at another politically infused tale of human captivity, Brendan Behan’s play "The Hostage." This piece, set in the late-1950s, when it was written, tells the tale of an English soldier held hostage by Irish radicals who hope to prevent Britain from executing one of their compatriots. In the process, the soldier (Joshua Radford) falls in love with an Irish convent girl (Bethany Sparacio) even as the conflict swirls around them.

The quasi-musical show, directed by Greg Natale, features a cast of 17, including musicians Mary Ramsey and Inga Yanoski. Tickets are $34 to $42, with more info at 853-4282 or visit

-- Colin Dabkowski

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