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Free-form art: Works by Chuck Tingley and Ogre at the Vault

A mural by Chuck Tingley and the artist known as Ogre, part of an exhibition opening Saturday (Jan. 21) in The Vault.

"Pretentious art world, don’t bother!"

That’s the message from local artist Chuck Tingley about a collaborative exhibition of his painting, mural and sculptural work alongside that of the Buffalo street artist known as Ogre. The show, titled "Free Style," opens Saturday (Jan. 21) in the Vault (702 Main St.), the funky art and music space run by local artist and musician Kevin Cain.

The exhibition features a new collaborative wall mural by Tingley and Ogre along with box-sculpture, painting and other works that the duo has produced separately and together. "No material is off-limits and the focus is on the act of creating spontaneously," Tingley wrote in a statement about the show. "It’s time to put some of the typical art politics and attitudes aside, and enjoy some new artwork."

Sounds like a plan. The opening, which features live painting, music and drinks, gets going at 7 p.m. Saturday (Jan. 21), and the show runs through Feb. 18. For more info, visit

-- Colin Dabkowski


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