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Having Faith: Buffalo United Artists present "Avow"

Michael Seitz stars in the Buffalo United Artists production of "Avow."

Until relatively recently, the idea of reconciling an openly gay lifestyle with the tenets of the Catholic faith was all but impossible. But as LGBT rights continue to advance (if only by inches), more gay men and women are striving to be true to themselves without losing their religion.

This contemporary challenge, along with questions of celibacy and sexual repression, sits at the heart of "Avow," the 1996 play by Bill C. Davis that opens tonight (Jan. 20) in the Buffalo United Artists Theatre (119 W. Chippewa St.). The show, first produced by BUA in 2001, follows the story of two men who want their love recognized in the eyes of their priest, who insists the pair live a celibate life in order to remain in the church. Through the course of the play, the priest begins to question his own vows of celibacy.

The show, directed by Kelli Bocock-Natale, stars Danny Beason, Diane Curley, Kevin Keleher, Joseph Natale, Michael Seitz, Tess Spangler and Kathleen Betsko Yale. Tickets are $15 to $23 with more information available at 886-9239 or

-- Colin Dabkowski


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