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"You Say Tomato, I Say Shut Up" opens in Shea's Smith Theatre

Theater SheasSmith You Say Tomato
"You Say Tomato, I Say Shut Up" opens in Shea's Smith Theatre.

The two-person show "You Say Tomato, I Say Shut Up," started on the book tour done by show-biz veterans and married couple Annabelle Gurwitch and Jeff Kahn.

During their interactive and quite hilarious presentations about the book, Gurwitch says, "A lot of couples come to see us, and we would see the punching of the arm, like, ‘You do that!’‚" -- and wherever we would go, people would laugh."

So Gurwitch and Kahn got the message.

Onstage, the couple is played by Antoinette LaVeccia and Scott Richard Foster, both experienced actors.

What is it like to see actors play them, sharing the intimate stories of their life together with an audience?

"They’re better than us, actually," says Gurwitch. "I want Scott to take over my own life," says Kahn. "He can be Jeff, and I’ll just take off." Adds Gurwitch, "I like Antoinette’s version of Annabelle better than myself .‚.‚. She’s a better version of me."

"You Say Tomato, I Say Shut Up," the 75-minute play distilled from the book and their 16 years of marriage, opens in Shea’s Smith Theatre in previews at 7:30 p.m. today (Jan. 31) and Wednesday (Feb. 1), followed by shows daily until Feb. 12. Tickets are $35 for previews, $40 afterward (box office, For information, visit

-- Anne Neville


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