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Mind matters: UB hosts two-day symposium on "Improvising Consciousness"

The mysteries and complexities of the human mind will be the focus of a two-day symposium this weekend in the Manny Fried Playhouse (255 Great Arrow Ave.). The series of events, collectively dubbed "Improvising Consciousness," will be co-produced by the University at Buffalo’s Intermedia Performance Studio and the Subversive Theatre Collective.

Through a series of interactive workshops and lectures, the studio, which collaborated with the Real Dream Cabaret in 2009 for an experimental production of "Woyzeck" and "Ubu Roi," will "explore the idea that that cognition -- our mental processes and the product of these processes -- may be an accident of history."

The symposium, led by UB media study professor Josephine Anstey, will touch on three vastly different
theories of how the mind works -- one of which posits that until recently, "human beings had no consciousness but obeyed the voices of gods that they actually heard in their heads."

The free event requires participants to make reservations at More information and a schedule of workshops is also at

-- Colin Dabkowski


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