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Fun with the New York Philharmonic

StacksThe New York Philharmonic's already amazing online archives has just become more amazing. They now have a zillion pictures you can sift through digitally.

They have added all kinds of other material too. You may start weeding through it by going to the site -- and where it says "All Formats," you may pull down to, say, "Images," which is what I did.

The site boasts that they have over 2,000 pictures of Leonard Bernstein, which begs the question of how many photos of Leonard Bernstein a human being needs to see in one lifetime. But I have to say, I do enjoy looking at pictures of Bernstein. It can be very entertaining.

It is even more fun to look for your favorite great musician and see what comes up. In my case that is the pianist, and Buffalo native, Leonard Pennario. I punched in his name and found this dandy set of pictures of him with conductor Andre Kostelanetz. I was hoping for pictures of him with Artur Rodzinski but still, very cool. Looking good, Leonard!

I also found a list of programs of the concerts he gave with the New York Phil. You can click on the programs and virtually turn the pages. So much fun! Just looking at the vintage ads is a kick in itself.

While you are at it you can check out the orchestra's podcasts, see what interests you.

So there you go, hours of entertainment, perfect for that occasional rainy day.

Have fun!

-- Mary Kunz Goldman




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