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Mozart and Buffalo's spring

I am going to post a bundle of songs for our early spring and this is the first one.

"Bouquet" of songs, I should say. "Bundle" sounds too wintry. Like firewood.

When it gets to be winter we can post a bundle of songs about winter!

But anyway. Our "bouquet" of spring songs begins with this song by Mozart I found myself thinking about today when I took a walk and soaked up the sunlight, and the 80-degree temps.

The song is a kids' song and is called, formally, "Sehnsucht Nach Der Fruehling," or "Longing For Spring." We are not exactly longing for spring right now -- we have it -- but you hear a lot of people hoping that this warm weather will just stay.

What I get a kick out of about this song is that you realize that what Mozart experienced is a lot like what we experience. He knew the feeling we get in Buffalo when it seems as if it has been winter forever. When you have done all the enjoying of winter you are going to do -- the skiing, the indoor games -- the song mentions these things, even mentions building houses out of cards -- and finally you have just had it, you are ready for spring. You want it, you need it.

All this longing plays out in a sing-songy melody, circling back again and again. Mozart wrote this sweet little song kind of late in his life. It has become a kind of German folk song now. If you go to Germany or Austria people will know this song and can sing it.

There is something kind of haunting about the simple, circling melody and Mozart most have felt that because he starts out with it in the last movement of his last piano concerto -- the great No. 27, K. 595.

-- Mary Kunz Goldman



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