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Sarah Baker's 'Our Time' Digest

Vincent O'Neill and Kristen Tripp Kelley in the Darwin D. Martin House in a screenshot from "Our Time," a locally cast and produced soap opera by the Buffalo-educated artist Sarah Baker.

On Saturday, Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center hosted the premiere of Sarah Baker's "Our Time," an ambitious, locally produced soap opera that was the culmination of Baker's artist's residency project. Look for some coverage of that film and a review of the accompanying exhibition in Friday's Gusto. But in the meantime, or if you can't make it out to Hallwalls to see the show, you can page through Baker's impressive "Our Time" Digest, a compendium of articles and interviews that serves as a document of Baker's continued fascination with the region where she spent her formative years. It's an impressive piece of work:

--Colin Dabkowski


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