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Vinyl gains more ground

VinylBritish music author and blogger Norman Lebrecht just posted the latest on the ongoing vinyl comeback, always a subject of great interest to me. I love vinyl!

There is a lively discussion going on in the Comments section with CD fans and LP fans going at it. These discussions are like political debates -- nobody is going to change anybody's mind. With vinyl, I think you either get it or you don't. Still, you have to admit that vinyl never went away as a lot of people predicted it would. It lives on!

It is time to post my own paean to the LP.

I believe this is the only video I ever got my act together to post on YouTube. It would probably not win any awards from Squeaky Wheel -- I remember my husband could not believe I was putting it up on YouTube. But I am glad I did because I have to say, I watch it a lot. I think my little video captures the beauty of vinyl (as well as of Buffalo in December!). The pianist is my friend Leonard Pennario, the late virtuoso and Buffalo native. He gave me a bunch of his old records and this is one of them, a beautiful Capitol record from the 1950s.

The stereo I got from a Buffalo News Thrifties ad. Watch those Thrifties ads! You can find great stuff.

Anyway, such nostalgia, a wintry Buffalo twilight, snow falling, this beautiful Chopin etude, Pennario.

Vinyl forever!

-- Mary Kunz Goldman



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