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Coming Sunday: Behind the scenes of Thursday at the Harbor


The summer of 2012 marks the first season that Buffalo Place is presenting its full free summer concert series at the Erie Canal Harbor Central Wharf. Concurrent with the blossoming of a general enthusiasm towards waterfront development in Buffalo, Thursday at the Harbor -- and its ancillary arm, the ticketed Buffalo Place Rocks the Harbor weekend concert series, which scatters shows throughout the summer -- is riding a rising tide of hope for downtown's future.

The wide, grassy waterfront area that houses the Thursday at the Harbor stage presents Buffalo in a positive light, certainly. An increased number of out-of-towners are making their way to the free and soft-ticketed shows this year. And, if the setting is not exactly bucolic, it is more than inviting as an urban oasis, one with plenty of room for large crowds to intermingle without needing to invade each other's personal space in order to grab a decent vantage point.

Behind the scenes, crews work hard to transform the Central Wharf into a temporary concert festival site each week, with all of the light, sound, and vending areas such a site demands.

In Sunday's Spotlight section, The News' photographers capture the work that goes into Thursday at the Harbor, from set-up to tear-down. Grab a copy and check it out.

-- Jeff Miers

(Photo: Built to Spill drummer Scott Plouf helps pack up after a recent show. Nick Agro/Buffalo News)

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