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BPO board member joins the big League

FattaBuffalo Philharmonic Orchestra board member Angelo Fatta is ascending to the board of the League of American Orchestras.

Fatta, shown at left with BPO Music Director JoAnn Falletta, is among six new board members recently elected by the League to serve six-year terms.

The League of American Orchestras is a fascinating resource if you feel like learning more about how the orchestra world operates. The group publishes Symphony magazine and is constantly hashing over the many challenges that symphony orchestras face in our rapidly changing day and age.

Just as an example, a page of videos allows you to eavesdrop on the keynote speakers of the 2012 conference, talking about good and bad news. There is more good news than you think!

You may browse Symphony magazine. It has taken admiring looks at the BPO over the last few years.

Oh, look at this: The Chairman of the League of American Orchestras is named Noteboom. That is a wonderful name for someone who deals in music and orchestras! His name is Lowell J. Noteboom.


And wish Ang Fatta luck in his prestigious new position.

-- Mary Kunz Goldman


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