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From Times reader to Margaret Sullivan, a cry for justice

JoannIt is fun reading the comments on the New York Times' story about how Margaret Sullivan, our editor-in-chief, is going to be the New York Times' next Public Editor.

One comment in the middle of all of them caught the capricious attention of The Gusto Blog. It is a million comments down, so we will cut and paste.

Laurence Glavin, Methuen, MA., wrote on July 16 at 4:48 p.m.:

This is great. The Times's Arts section has had a propensity to claim that Marin Alsop is the first woman to become the Music Director of a major symphony orchestra. Since Margaret Sullivan's most recent gig was in Buffalo, NY, she knows that JoAnn Falletta has been Music Director of the Buffalo Philharmonic since 1999, some 8 years earlier than Marin Alsop's appointment.

That is JoAnn Falletta pictured at left, in a photo we love taken in May by Buffalo News photographer Sharon Cantillon.

Marin Alsop, meanwhile, is music director of the Baltimore Symphony.

Anyway. Thank you, Laurence Glavin, of Methuen, Mass.!

It is nice to know that at least one New York Times reader has his priorities straight.

-- Mary Kunz Goldman


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