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Infringement Daily Planner: Day 5


Gerry Maher and Chris Corporandy in Torn Space Theater's production of "He Who Gets Slapped," part of the 2012 Buffalo Infringement Festiva. Photo by Lukia Costello.

You might think the Monday after the first weekend of the Infringement Festival, a swirling bacchanal of activity in venues large and small across the city, would be a little slow. But you'd be wrong. On the fifth day of Infringement, there's more than enough to keep the aspiring Infringer fully engaged. Here's are today's recommendations:

  • Film plays a big role in the festival today, with a screening kicking of at Filigree's at noon with screenings of "Red Green Totem," "Decency in Kind" and "Thin Red Line." Also at 7 p.m., Burning Books hosts its own "Clips and Trips Film Night," with an eclectic assortment of films ranging from "Alice In Wonderland Tea Party Scene" -- a kind of Rand Paul-meets-Lewis Carroll mashup -- to the documentary "Riding on the Edge: Bicycling in Buffalo."

Torn Space Theater, one of Western New York's most accomplished experimental theater companies, presents "He Who Gets Slapped," Leonid Andreyev's play in which a writer takes a job as a circus performer in an attempt to get away from his sordid past. Tonight's performance is at 8 in The Foundry, a performance space in the former headquarters of Buffalo ReUse at 298 Northampton St.

• It wouldn't be Infringement without Euphraxia and Metamorphosis American Tribal Style Bellydance, the longtime Infringers who will bring their unique style of bellydancing to El Museo at 5:30 p.m.

Rust Belt Books hosts the Living Poets Society, a kind of poetry/music open night including "Spoken Word , Sound poets, Visual and Concrete poetry, as well as numerous musical arrangements whether it be guitars, harmonicas or drum circles." That gets started at 7 p.m. and runs until about 9.

• If you didn't get your fill of pyromania from Pyromance, fear not: Hoopnosis' FireFaery Show lights up Days Park tonight at 9.

--Colin Dabkowski


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