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BPO board member joins the big League

FattaBuffalo Philharmonic Orchestra board member Angelo Fatta is ascending to the board of the League of American Orchestras.

Fatta, shown at left with BPO Music Director JoAnn Falletta, is among six new board members recently elected by the League to serve six-year terms.

The League of American Orchestras is a fascinating resource if you feel like learning more about how the orchestra world operates. The group publishes Symphony magazine and is constantly hashing over the many challenges that symphony orchestras face in our rapidly changing day and age.

Just as an example, a page of videos allows you to eavesdrop on the keynote speakers of the 2012 conference, talking about good and bad news. There is more good news than you think!

You may browse Symphony magazine. It has taken admiring looks at the BPO over the last few years.

Oh, look at this: The Chairman of the League of American Orchestras is named Noteboom. That is a wonderful name for someone who deals in music and orchestras! His name is Lowell J. Noteboom.


And wish Ang Fatta luck in his prestigious new position.

-- Mary Kunz Goldman

A new mural on Main Street

Last night, the formerly sleepy 500 block of Main Street was alive with activity, as Main Street Studios hosted artists Max Collins, OGRE, Chuck Tingley and others for a live mural painting. I talked with Collins and Ogre about the mural, the neighborhood and the rise of street art in Buffalo. Here's what they had to say:

See my full interviews with OGRE and Collins after the jump.

--Colin Dabkowski

Live chat with News music critic Jeff Miers

Fifty Shades of Kvetching

50-shadesI keep hearing about the best-seller "Fifty Shades of Grey" and its classical music connections.

Apparently the leading man in the book is really into classical music and also is an extremely accomplished pianist.

Just now I went on Amazon and did that thing where you peek inside the book, and I was dismayed by how tawdry it sounded, and how badly written I thought it was. You know, I had heard the title kicked around for I want to say a few months, but I had never wondered what the book was about. Of course it's about sex, you know?

But more power to her, pleasing the least common denominator. I had a roommate a long time ago who used to look at me and say, "If you're so smart, why aren't you rich?"

Back to the classical music. I guess I am happy for anything that helps people discover how easy it is to love classical music. I have always loved it and though I know classical music is intimidating to some people, I find it hard to get into those people's shoes.

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Muzyk to keep playing


Yesterday's post about Jacek Muzyk's absence from the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra yielded good news.

Muzyk saw The Gusto Blog and called the Gusto Blog Desk to say he would be, in fact, returning to the BPO in the fall.

He said he has left the Houston Symphony.

These footloose French horn players!

Above is a picture of Muzyk playing in spring 2011 with the Buffalo Philharmonic and guest conductor Antoni Wit. Wit is the conductor of the Warsaw Philharmonic and that was a stunning concert.

We will welcome Muzyk back!

 -- Mary Kunz Goldman



UPDATE: Discontent in the ranks of Infringement

UPDATE: I'm told via Twitter that the mini-drama that erupted yesterday amid organizers of the Buffalo Infringement Festival has blown over. This from the official @InfringeBuffalo Twitter account: "We hit our fund raising goal, so that one guy (and anyone else) who complained about us asking for money, can shush now :)" Whew.

Just now, Infringement Festival oragnizer Janna Willoughby-Lohr made this posting on the public Facebook page of the Buffalo Infringement Festival:

In response to complaints about fundraising requests for Buffalo Infringement:

To ALL Buffalo Infringement Festival artists and performers:

If you are not willing to donate your time and effort to make this festival possible and you're not willing to donate your money to make this festival possible then you are NOT a part of making this festival happen and you should own up to it and not participate.

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Critics' Corner chat with Simon, Miers

News Arts Editor Jeff Simon and News Pop Music Critic Jeff Miers answered your questions directly into the camera. Submit your questions about books, movies, television, music and more in the chat console below.

At the BPO, no more Muzyk?

MuzykThe busy and bustling classical music desk at The Buffalo News has been receiving questions about the status of Jacek Muzyk, who is, or was, the principal horn player of the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra.

Muzyk -- yes, the name means "music" -- has not been in evidence recently and a look at his Web site suggests that he will not be back.

"Recently Jacek Muzyk has won the Associate Principal Horn position with the Houston Symphony," is the relevant line.

That would make sense because Muzyk studied with William VerMeulen, the distinguished principal horn player with the Houston Symphony. VerMeulen has performed as a soloist with the BPO.

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E. Frits Abell breaks down Echo 2.0

E. Frits Abell, the founder and co-organizer of the Echo Art Fair is in the space in the Larkin Commerce Center where much of the event took place. Photo by Sharon Cantillon / Buffalo News.

This weekend, the second annual Echo Art Fair drew an estimated 10,000 visitors to the Larkin Center of Commerce and the surrounding mini-neighborhood of Larkinville. Earlier this hour I spoke with fair founder and co-director E. Frits Abell about how things went over the weekend. Here's our conversation:

--Colin Dabkowski

A taste of Infringement

On Thursday, the intrepid organizers of the Infringement Festival hosted a preview event at Merge restaurant on Delaware Avenue. The evening featured snippets of poetry, music, dance and descriptions of events coming up during this year's festival, slated for July 26 to Aug. 5. Here's a clip of some highlights from Thursday's presentation: 

--Colin Dabkowski

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