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Wandering the Infringement outposts

Tonight there's plenty of action happening in the Infringement Festival's non-Allentown outposts (not to say Allentown itself isn't hopping like mad with Infringement activities), including Main (St)udios, The Vault, Wasteland Studios and Filigree's. After checking out the very cool, extremely funny "Reader's Theater" at Burning Books, I took a short tour of the first three of those venues. Here a little of what I saw:


Above, artist Tara Sasiadek paints the face of Nicole Kujawski outside Main (St)udios, where a small crowd was gathered as the evening's art opening wound down. This space is also the site of a recently completed mural that's been turning heads in the up-and-coming neighborhood on Main Street.

After that I headed to Wasteland Studios, where I encountered this magnificent piece of homemade couture...


...made and modeled by the artist Caitlin McLeod, a recent University at Buffalo graduate who is shortly heading off to Chicago for grad school. The piece is based on a famous speech from Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" in which Romeo learns of strange images that have been implanted in his head while resting. ("O, then I see Queen Mab hath been with you. / She is the fairies' midwife, and she comes / In shape no bigger than an agate stone / On the forefinger of an alderman, / Drawn with a team of little atomies / Over men's noses as they lie asleep;") Her dress is made of all sorts of magazine clippings and fabrics meant to represent those strange imaginings of Romeo in his slumber.

Behind McLeod, you can glimpse a series of signs from the Occupy Buffalo movement. Here are a few more close-up:




Finally, I checked out the first bit of a hilarious and very cheeky performance from local band Blue Lazer, whose lead singer gave a lengthy introduction to the band in a convincing Arnold Schwarzenegger accent and declared in no uncertain terms that the band's synth-driven music was capable of melting the audience's face off. "Our jams are that incomprehensible," he said, and went on to jam -- actually rather comprehensibly.

On the way out, I took note of some artwork I enjoyed -- all of it untitled -- by an artist identified only as Kabobski, which I'll post here:


That's all for today. Aside from my picks, which will be posted in the a.m., I won't have much on the Infringement blog tomorrow. Check back Sunday for some new content -- and till then, have a great time infringing.

--Colin Dabkowski


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