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Liza with a Zzzzzzzz


It is a pity that Liza Minnelli canceled her appearance Thursday at the Niagara Fallsview Casino. For one thing, gosh darn it, I did an extensive and magnificent and insightful interview with her that now, alas, will never see the light of day. Unless Liza reschedules, which somehow I doubt she will do. I could be wrong! But the publicist was so vague.

He also would give no reason for her cancellation aside from "unforeseen circumstances."

My guess is that Liza needs a nap.

She did a few big shows recently. One was at the Hollywood Bowl. The Los Angeles Times reviewed the show and it seems it started late -- I wish the reviewer had written how late, but the delay was substantial enough so that people started carrying on.

The writer also gives the idea that Minnelli, 66, is not in the best shape. A preview interview she gave to the L.A. Times was short and kind of laconic. I do not blame the paper. I think I got a little more out of her, but I had to work at it. Not easy! (Hahaha... just because my interview is not running does not mean that I can't write about it.)

Shortly before the Hollywood Bowl appearance, Liza gave two raucous sold-out shows at the Ice Palace in Fire Island. Combing the New York Times' review, I read she sang only five songs, but the atmosphere was, shall we say, intense. Also, while she was in town, she made time to cavort at an extracurricular drag queen competition. (Warning: Link to grungy gossip site.)

Hey, you've got to have your priorities! But it might all be a bit much for a woman with two hip replacements and a knee replacement and, earlier this year, a broken ankle. Liza has a funny stock joke going these days about how she is equal parts Dorothy and the Tin Man.

I admire the heck out of Liza for being every bit the old-fashioned trouper. There are all kinds of stories floating around that corroborate that. (One just came in from a friend who phoned, and I wish I could tell it, but it involved cuss words, and this is, ahem, a family newspaper.)

Even a trouper, though, sometimes needs a rest. Until anyone can tell me otherwise, all I can figure is that Liza's unforeseen circumstances involve her living room couch.

The diva is on the divan.

-- Mary Kunz Goldman


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