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Mozart and Marie Antoinette


I cannot make up my mind whether or not to see the movie "Farewell, My Queen." It is about Marie Antoinette, the queen of France who went to the guillotine in the French Revolution.

Mark Sommer gave the movie a good review.

But I am afraid it will be sad. Sad images haunt me. I carry them around in my head. And it would be worse if it were unfair to Marie Antoinette, as movies generally are. From the impression I get from the preview, it seems full of myths. The veteran gossip columnist Liz Smith had something to say about that. I like what she wrote. Tell 'em, Liz!

I am watching the preview. The music that begins at 1:37 is the Mozart Requiem. Incidentally that piece is on the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra's season next spring.

Wow, you can really tell when they stop the generic movie music and switch to the Mozart. Your heart lurches!

There is a little connection with Mozart and Marie Antoinette that most music nerds know, but other people do not. When Mozart was a boy wonder he performed at Schonbrunn, the royal palace of Austria. He went running across the polished floor and slipped and started to cry and a young princess, just a few years older than he was, ran over and picked him up and soothed him.

It was Marie Antoinette.

Wolfgang said, "You are so nice. When I grow up, I will marry you."

Too bad she did not marry him.

Her life would have been happier!

-- Mary Kunz Goldman


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