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Clark Gable says: 'Siddown'

I know, I just posted about Gounod's "Faust"... it's two posts down .... but I found this and, I mean, it just needs to be seen.

Jeanette MacDonald is singing Marguerite in "Faust" and Clark Gable is in the box looking down on her admiringly and adoringly.

Everyone is watching her with delight!

Then this one gentleman gets up to leave: "I didn't go to the opera to see the opera."

Clark Gable: "Siddown."

This is from the 1936 movie "San Francisco."

I am always interested in how music goes in and out of fashion. In the story I did on Buffalo Opera Unlimited's "Faust," being performed this weekend, Tim Kennedy talks about how "Faust" was very popular in the 19th century and into the 20th but was kind of neglected in the era following World War II. People said it was too sugary, or sentimental. Or romantic. Or something.

If anyone tries to tell you that now you know what to say.


-- Mary Kunz Goldman


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