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Opera fans start Halloween early

I had fun writing about Buffalo Opera Unlimited's production of Gounod's "Faust," tonight and Sunday at Buffalo State College's Rockwell Hall.

Above is a dandy performance of the horror-filled Church Scene that I found on YouTube. Marguerite, who is now pregnant with Faust's child, is trying to pray and is instead dogged by demons. This is a horror story, you know?In the clip I posted, Bryn Terfel is the devil.

It is terrible at about 9'20" when she screams and faints.

And you have the organ going and everything! It is creepy, how the film shows the organist. Just thinking out loud here, I wonder if real-life organists mind this kind of thing. Especially with "The Phantom of the Opera," organists and the organ get a bum rap.

Speaking of "Phantom" it is no accident that "Faust" figures in that story. Christine has been chosen to sing the role of Marguerite.

I am anxious to see how Buffalo Opera Unlimited deals with the scene in the video up above. David Butler, who designed the sets, said, "Wait till you see how the demons appear!"

I have a feeling they will pull out all the stops!

-- Mary Kunz Goldman




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