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The man in the white suit

I am looking forward to Tom Wolfe's new novel, "Back to Blood," coming out this fall. Above is a documentary, or a trailer for a documentary, I found about him and this new book, which is set in Miami.

Line I love: "You'd think he would be conspicuous in that white suit, but somehow he manages to blend into the background."

Hahahaa. I believe that!

It is funny to think of people in Miami chewing on what it means to have Tom Wolfe write a book about them. What if Tom Wolfe ever wrote a book about Buffalo?

Anyway. I loved Tom Wolfe's last book, "I Am Charlotte Simmons," which came out -- yikes -- eight years ago. It kind of bugs me that, in their coverage of the new book, journalists are disparaging "I Am Charlotte Simmons," using words like "disappointing." It is hard to think of where exactly I have read this but it has been in at least three or four different places.

Googling around I find it in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and on this book site. I found those two just in two minutes so I know I am not imagining things.

How many of these writers actually read "I Am Charlotte Simmons"? I bet none of them. I think they are just parroting someone else. Me, I thought it was an excellent book. I passed it to my brother George and he agreed. We talk about that book to this day.

Anyway, do check out "I Am Charlotte Simmons." It is a magnificent book.

Here's hoping this next one will be, too.

-- Mary Kunz Goldman


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