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The Thursday Theater Roundup returns

So it begins.

The 2012-2013 season, which officially opened last week, will celebrate its annual collective opening celebration on Friday. To get ready for the occasion, we're bringing back the Thursday Theatre Roundup, a weekly feature that's been on hiatus for some time and which returns as a weekly feature this season. Each week, we'll list shows that our reviewers recommend to help you plan your theater weekend.

Here are this week's recommended shows, with plenty more sure to come for next week's edition:


"The Music Man," through Oct. 14 at MusicalFare Theatre. ★★★

From the review: "Though on opening night the pistons were not all firing precisely on time, the production is more than well-oiled enough to allow audiences to suspend their disbelief to swallow Willson's questionable and even somewhat cynical premise about the wages of deception. Even if that premise rings slightly false in 2012 for those of us who've seen our share of Bernie Madoffs and Bashar Issas, there's no doubt that the music still rings true." --Colin Dabkowski

"The Accidental Death of an Anarchist," through Sept. 29 in the Subversive Theatre's Manny Fried Playhouse. ★★★½

From the review: "The piece works well, and though the second act falls flat in the laughs, it posits an important question: when the fight for justice and transparency gets so bloody that it blurs the lines of democracy, who's the hypocrite?" --Ben Siegel


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