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Love in the limelight


I got a kick out of Anne Neville's entertaining story on public proposals, Buffalo style. I also loved the picture of the elephant that our photographer Derek Gee took. It seems I remember reading that our elephants are retired circus elephants and they love to perform.

Reading this story made me remember a story I did with Gusto Editor Toni Ruberto about movies a few years ago. The story was about romantic comedies and the things that seem to happen over and over in them. One recurring event Toni and I noticed was the public love scene.

We listed examples that occurred to us. (Keep in mind, this was in 2007.)

"Notting Hill": Bookstore owner Hugh Grant stammers out his love for his movie star honey (Julia Roberts) during a news conference, with the media all snapping pictures. 

"Never Been Kissed": Drew Barrymore lip-locks with her sweetie on a high school baseball field, as crowds applaud.

"Last Holiday": L is for love, and it's also for Latifah, L.L. Cool J and the ledge on which they're perched as they finally kiss in this movie, as millions of people gathered below loudly express their approval.

I guess we were kind of mocking it out in the story, the idea of love in the limelight. But now that I see this Buffalo couple, my heart kind of goes out to them. Maybe it is that real life is sometimes not as obnoxious as movies. Maybe it is that I have such affection for our old elephant house.

In any case, best wishes, Ashleigh and Corey.

May your love be ... elephantine!

-- Mary Kunz Goldman


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