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Three Dog Night and the old neighborhood

St. ann's 2

So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly to Three Dog Night. A friend called me today and told me he remembers the roller rink at St. Ann's that Cory Wells talked about.

It was on the top floor of the school, he said.

Right now it is apparently not pretty, the old roller rink. There is all this water damage. This once handsome building has been allowed to deteriorate horribly.

The friend went on to tell me that the little church nearby where Wells heard the gospel music was across the street from St. Ann's. He said it was a Baptist church and the music coming out of it was very loud and was kind of famous in the neighborhood.

Thinking about that now, you get depressed, you know? I know, when Wells was growing up, the neighborhood was not paradise. But it is terrible to think of what it looks like now. It is unbelievable to think how beautiful St. Ann's Church is sitting there crumbling. You would not think that any civilized society would allow this to happen.

I mean, if you saw this in Europe...

St. ann's

... you would be freaking out and taking pictures.

Oh well. Whatever Wells does when he is in town I hope he does not go back to his old neighborhood.

It will really have him singing the blues!

-- Mary Kunz Goldman

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