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Thursday Theater Roundup

"Way Wicked Women," through Saturday in a Brazen Faced Varlets production in Rust Belt Books.

From the review: "Don't try to reign in Kelly Beuth one bit, nor the other women in the well-directed cast... There's a lot of good material, and quite a history lesson, in "Way Wicked Women," more than enough to justify paying them a visit." --Melinda Miller

"And the World Goes 'Round," through Sunday in O'Connell and Company's home in Gleason Hall on the Erie Community College Williamsville campus. ★★★½

From the review: "Director [Joey] Bucheker has paired his singers well and when the quintet joins together, on 'Money, Money' and the title tune from 'Cabaret,' their harmonies surprise and please. Bucheker wears a choreographer's hat, too; on occasion, movement is endearingly clunky. But, the pace is generally full of nonstop fun, with minutes of overwrought kept to a minimum."--Ted Hadley


Richard Lambert and Josephine Hogan in "Mr. and Mrs. Nobody" at the New Phoenix Theatre. Photo by Mark Mulville/The Buffalo News.

"Mr. and Mrs. Nobody," through Saturday in the New Phoenix Theatre.  ★★★½

From the review: ""Mr. and Mrs. Nobody" is ingenious in many ways. Hogan and Lambert are marvelous bumblers. The Pooters are prone to gaffes whether at home or away, and the best of intentions go constantly awry. They tumble about, burst into ridiculous song, tangle with innocent looking props, dignity temporarily doused. They are hapless and hilarious." --Ted Hadley

"The Music Man," through Sunday at MusicalFare Theatre. ★★★ (SOLD OUT)

From the review: "Though on opening night the pistons were not all firing precisely on time, the production is more than well-oiled enough to allow audiences to suspend their disbelief to swallow Willson's questionable and even somewhat cynical premise about the wages of deception. Even if that premise rings slightly false in 2012 for those of us who've seen our share of Bernie Madoffs and Bashar Issas, there's no doubt that the music still rings true." --Colin Dabkowski


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