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Thursday Theater Roundup

"Tru," through Oct. 27 in the Buffalo United Artists Theatre. ★★★

From the review: "[Christopher] Standart has approached the role with a clear grasp of Capote’s mannerisms and affectations, those extremely stylized movements and utterances that made him an instant curiosity wherever he went. But he doesn’t go down the road of caricature, revealing from the start the roiling emotional undercurrent that seemed to underpin everything Capote wrote and thought at this particular point of his life." --Colin Dabkowski

Stan Klimecko, Dee LaMonte Perry and Gregory Howze in Jewish Repertory Theatre's "The Whipping Man."

"The Whipping Man," through Nov. 11 in the Jewish Repertory Theatre of Western New York's Maxine and Robert Seller Theatre. ★★★

From the review: "The unexpected subject matter alone makes Lopez’s play a worthy addition to the literature of Jewish and African-American relations. It helps that Lopez gives audiences plenty of deft writing and makes a series of historical connections that, while perhaps obvious to some, have long been hidden in plain sight for many Americans." --Colin Dabkowski


"Hedwig and the Angry Inch," a remount of last year's hit production at the ALT Theatre at the Warehouse in the New Phoenix Theatre through Nov. 3.

From the review of the original production: "She nailed it." --Colin Dabkowski


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