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Thursday Theater Roundup

"33 Variations," through Dec. 2 in MusicalFare Theatre. ★★★½

From the review: "[Moises] Kaufman imbues the potentially nap-worthy premise with the kind of smart and economical writing typically reserved for TV cop shows and Hollywood thrillers. Between interludes of the variations played beautifully by Kramer, we skip back and forth through time, from 18th century Vienna to our own troubled century, each time learning something new about the nature of creativity, genius and, perhaps especially, mediocrity." --Colin Dabkowski


"A Couple of Blaguards," through Nov. 18 in the Irish Classical Theatre Company's Andrews Theatre. ★★★

From the review: "Director Gordon McCall makes full use of his actors’ gifts for physical comedy and song. Both men’s voices are beautifully suited for Irish music and those interludes are lovely to listen to. In the audience, it was also clear that some of the sketches were more polished than others – some good, some even better, some wonderful – and the best assumption is that the show will age well over its three-week run." --Melinda Miller

Stan Klimecko, Dee LaMonte Perry and Gregory Howze in Jewish Repertory Theatre's "The Whipping Man."

"The Whipping Man," through Nov. 11 in the Jewish Repertory Theatre of Western New York's Maxine and Robert Seller Theatre. ★★★

From the review: "The unexpected subject matter alone makes Lopez’s play a worthy addition to the literature of Jewish and African-American relations. It helps that Lopez gives audiences plenty of deft writing and makes a series of historical connections that, while perhaps obvious to some, have long been hidden in plain sight for many Americans." --Colin Dabkowski


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