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Buffalo and Dave Brubeck

I read Jeff Simon's Gusto Blog post about Dave Brubeck and that was how I found out Brubeck had died. I feel bad.

We are lucky to have gotten to know Brubeck a little here in Buffalo. Besides playing with our great local saxophonist Bobby Militello, Brubeck was friends with Father Jack Ledwon over at St. Joseph University Church. Brubeck was in town once to perform a Mass he had written. I remember that because I was sick and could not go. My mother went, and my brother George. They both loved it. Except George said it was kind of weird when you went to Communion, because Brubeck was up there looking at you closely.

Brubeck told me once when I interviewed him not to say he was a Catholic convert, to say that he "became Catholic." And this is funny, ever since then, I use that rule for everyone. I do not say "converted to Catholicism," I say "became Catholic."

When I interviewed Brubeck I remember Jeff helped me get ready by telling me that story he told on his Gusto blog post, about how Brubeck broke down on the Ken Burns jazz series.

Brubeck was such a genuine man, wonderful music and wonderful beliefs. He led a long and full life, but it is hard to let go, you know? Above is a link to my favorite Brubeck song.

If I can choose just one.

-- Mary Kunz Goldman


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