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Video: 'The Best Christmas Pageant Ever' on stage at 2 area theaters

"The Best Christmas Pageant Ever," is on stage through Dec. 16 in separate productions at Theatre of Youth (203 Allen St., 884-4400) and the Lancaster Opera House (21 Central Ave., Lancaster, 683-1776). Theatre of Youth tickets are $24 to $26; Lancaster Opera House tickets are $13 to $20.

It’s a testament to the popularity of this holiday children’s theater stand-by that two local theaters are taking up productions of this adaptation of Barbara Robinson’s popular 1971 book. It tells the story of the out-of-control Herdman children, who enter a church seeking free snacks and inadvertently become a part of a Christmas pageant — much to the initial annoyance of the other children. It’s a great showcase for aspiring young actors, of whom there will be many in both productions.

Artistic director Meg Quinn says TOY's production is great family-friendly entertainment:

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