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The tenor who aced the Met audition


Here is a YouTube video of Juan Jose de Leon, the tenor from the Pittsburgh district who aced the regional Metropolitan Opera auditions held in Buffalo last weekend. He certainly has quite the voice! His high notes are so bright and clear. He also has beautiful articulation. My French is not that great but I can understand most of what he is singing.

The video comes from Dallas. Juan Jose de Leon placed in a competition there in 2010. That is a great name for opera, by the way, Juan Jose de Leon. That name is musical and glamorous.

Dianne Rubin, organizer of the Buffalo auditions, tells us that Juan received a prize of $3,000. Awarded a second prize of $1,500 was Four City baritone Paul Scholten. Third prizes of $500 each went to sopranos Caitlin Wood from Alberta, Canada, and Meredith Lustig, of Nashua, New Hampshire.

In the Four City District competition, prizes of $1,500 were awarded to Scholten, Wood and mezzo Rihab Shaieb.

-- Mary Kunz Goldman



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