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Thursday Theater Roundup

Theater Subversive 12

Xavier Harris and Megan Callahan appear in Subversive Theatre's production of "Angels In America: Perestroika."

"Angels in America," through Feb. 16 in Subversive Theatre's Manny Fried Playhouse. ★★½ for "Millennium Approaches" ★★★ for "Perestroika."

From the review: "The play is an immensity, overstuffed with ideas and full of as much suffering, as much love – and as many well-placed jokes – as any American play. But it’s also a deeply personal tale about a group of individuals seemingly as different from one another as it is possible for Americans to be, each one scraping and clawing his or her way toward a true identity." --Colin Dabkowski

Taylor Doherty and Kathleen Golde star in "Gruesome Playground Injuries" at Buffalo Laboratory Theatre.

"Gruesome Playground Injuries," through Feb. 9 in Buffalo Laboratory Theatre's Swan Auditorium. From the review: "Director [Stephen McKinley] Henderson puts Doherty and Golde through an extraordinary 70-minute, no-frills, tell-the-tale regimen. They age, change clothes and appearance – sometimes they regress and fill in some details – they spar, confide, make a point, rescind." --Ted Hadley

"The Wonderful World of Peter Williams," through Feb. 3 in an Alemaedae Theatre production in Road Less Traveled Theatre. ★★★

From the review: "And Barry Williams? There is no doubt. As Peter Damn, he is fabulous." --Ted Hadley


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