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Where in the world is JoAnn Falletta?

It is time for another round of this most exciting and most unpredictable game!

JoAnn Falletta, the globe-trotting music director of the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra, is right now conducting in a foreign city, a magical place where they keep Christmas decorations....

2012-12-24 004

... stay up until February. I wish we did that here! My Christmas tree is still up. As a matter of fact that is a picture of it.

Where JoAnn Falletta is, as of last night, it was 16 degrees.

JoAnn writes:  "The orchestra is wonderful and plays in a jewel of a concert hall -- rather small but with beautiful acoustics." Here is a picture of the concert hall.


And the outside.


Do you know yet where in the world JoAnn Falletta is?

She is in a city full of medieval glamour.

Interestingly and perhaps relevantly, the guest conductor at last weekend's Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra concert is affiliated with this town's orchestra.

Got it yet? JoAnn Falletta is in ...


That is a summer picture. We should show a winter picture.

JoAnn is in ...


... Krakow, Poland!

That is St. Mary's Basilica in the winter picture.

JoAnn went walking the other night with the 16 degrees and the snow falling and she said it was beautiful.

She writes:

Everyone in the orchestra knows Jacek Muzyk (our principal horn) - he is an enormous star here. Michael Ludwig is playing the Wieniawski Violin Concerto #2 brilliantly, which as a Polish masterpiece is greatly beloved here. We were invited to a private lunch with the Consul General of the USA (Ellen Germain) who was lovely and welcomed us into her residence.

I realized again how very musical this country is, and what a cultural environment it is here. And the city is stunningly beautiful, with parts of it dating from the 12th century and even earlier. I would recommend that everyone who has the opportunity should visit Poland- it is a country filled with warmth, charm, great food, and the most wonderful people.

In many ways Crakow reminds me of Buffalo!

Thank you, JoAnn, for the virtual postcard!

We will excitedly await the next one.

-- Mary Kunz Goldman


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