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Maddie Larkin releases debut music video set in Silo City

You Won't Love Me Video 1

Country singer-songwriter Maddie Larkin has been spending a lot of time advancing her career in Nashville lately. But for her debut music video released today she returned to her hometown and filmed it entirely among Buffalo's historic Silo City grain elevators.

Directed by New York City-based Jenna Ricker, the video for "You Won't Love Me" shows staged scenes projected on the elevators' walls while the 18-year-old Larkin performs.

"We had no electricity so we worked off of generators, which provided its own set of challenges," Larkin said in a release. "Then we needed both daylight and evening light to achieve just the right effect on those old brick grain mill walls. It took days to get everything just as I envisioned, but in the end, we achieved the picture-perfect backdrop for the story of my song."

It's nice to see the gritty Silo City used as the setting for another artistic endeavor following last year's successful "American Grain" installation and City of Night festival. Larkin says she and Ricker chose the location for its "cinematic possibilities" and "historical significance." Larkin's video should help continue that area's cultural renaissance.

2012 was a big year for Larkin also as she opened for country music star Eric Church at Darien Lake in June.

"Larkin and her six-piece band the Volunteers were ready for their biggest audience yet as they plowed through a half-hour set of originals and covers as the crowd trickled in to the amphitheater. Larkin seems poised to take her talents to new heights as evidenced by her confident stage presence," I wrote in the review.

"You Won't Love Me," meanwhile, is a sweetly-sung, tenderly-strummed acoustic tune from the heart. Her vocals soar and echo almost as if it was recorded in one of the silos. Check out the video here:

—Joseph Popiolkowski

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