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UPDATE: Shea's to handle refund requests on 'case-by-case basis'

Yesterday, I relayed some readers' questions about whether Shea's would offer refunds because of Wednesday night's tech troubles to Shea's marketing director Lisa Grisanti. She said the theater would deal with such requests on a "case-by-case basis." She also said that inquiries about ticket refunds should be directed to the Shea's box office at 847-0850.

UPDATE: When asked about Shea's official policy regarding regarding ticket refunds for significant technical malfunctions, Grisanti sent this statement:

"Normally, we do not issue refunds in this situation. However, we handle any complaints and issues on a case by case basis and make a determination regarding a response to accommodate the patron," Grisanti wrote. "For some who have contacted us, we have offered them to see the show again (which they agreed)."

In 2010, a similar malfunction affected a performance of the tech-heavy "Dreamgirls," and in that instance said refunds would not be offered:

Grisanti said no refunds would be offered to Wednesday's audience [for "Dreamgirls"] because the show went on, a decision that is in accordance with standard practice on Broadway and elsewhere in the theater world.

--Colin Dabkowski


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