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Tech problems pester 'Priscilla'

During last evening's performance of "Priscilla Queen of the Desert," a technologically complex touring show playing in Shea's Performing Arts Center, a piece of scenery broke down and caused a 20-minute delay in the production. A large bus that serves as the play's central set piece apparently malfunctioned and had to be removed. The show, according to one audience member, went on without the bus and the cast members did their level best to make up for its absence.

There were also a couple of small hiccups during Tuesday's opening performance of the production, including a malfunctioning light panel on the bus and a botched quick costume change toward the end of the production. (I chose not to write about either of those in my 3.5 star review of the show, as I didn't believe they significantly impeded the production in any way.)

Shea's marketing director Lisa Grisanti issued this statement today when asked about Wednesday night's issues:

"There was a minor electronic malfunction of the bus on stage during the second act of the Wednesday night performance. The performance was stopped for about 20 minutes while the bus was removed from the stage after it was determined that more time was needed to address the situation," she said. "The situation was taken care with the bus being tested several times, and we are confident there will not be any more issues. Sometimes these things happen in live theatre. We have been receiving much positive feedback from patrons about the show."

I'll keep my ears open for any more technical mix-ups during tonight's performance.

--Colin Dabkowski


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