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Thursday Theater Roundup

The cast of Road less Traveled Productions' "Circle Mirror Transformation" on the stage of 710 Main Theatre. Photo by Jim Bush.

"Circle Mirror Transformation," through Feb. 17 in 710 Main Theatre, produced by Road Less Traveled Productions. ★★★★

From the review: "So smartly constructed is this piece of laugh-driven theater -- a fast-forward glimpse into a six-week acting class in a small Vermont town -- that moments with absolutely no right to be funny on their own manage to produce irrepressible outbursts of laughter. And this production, because it has been so extraordinarily well executed by Road Less Traveled Productions co-founder Scott Behrend and his gifted cast of five, amplifies those laughs to deafening volumes." --Colin Dabkowski

The cast of "F------ Men" at Buffalo United Artists.

"F------ Men," through Feb. 23 in Buffalo United Artists Theatre. ★★★

From the review: "For all its playful and shameless titillation, the play is a clever if not exactly boundary-breaking consideration of the ways in which gay men from a cross-section of American society connect to one another. It is based on the late-19th century play “La Ronde” by Arthur Schnitzler, a heterosexual exploration of precisely the same questions." --Colin Dabkowski

"A Night With Schwartz," through Feb. 16 in the Lecture Hall Theatre at Medaille College, produced by Kaleidoscope Theatre Productions. ★★★

From the review: "The KTP spends much time in teaching mode. It’s a labor of love, not perfect – a few lame scene and song setups, a good deal of standing around looking pensive, a clunky bit of choreography on the usually enjoyable “All for the Best,” from “Godspell” – but solo vocals are often crisp and knowing, sensitive minutes from a carefully selected cast of eight. For KTP’s first foray into an original work, “Night” is admirable. The Schwartz was definitely with them." --Ted Hadley

Theater Subversive 12

Xavier Harris and Megan Callahan appear in Subversive Theatre's production of "Angels In America: Perestroika."

"Angels in America," through Feb. 16 in Subversive Theatre's Manny Fried Playhouse. ★★½ for "Millennium Approaches" ★★★ for "Perestroika."

From the review: "The play is an immensity, overstuffed with ideas and full of as much suffering, as much love – and as many well-placed jokes – as any American play. But it’s also a deeply personal tale about a group of individuals seemingly as different from one another as it is possible for Americans to be, each one scraping and clawing his or her way toward a true identity." --Colin Dabkowski


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