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Thursday Theater Roundup


"Priscilla Queen of the Desert," through Sunday in Shea's performing Arts Center. ★★★½

From the review: "As for 'Priscilla,' this stage adaptation is successful in replicating the patent absurdity, unlikely emotional weight and foot-long eyelashes of the film in all its consciously preachy glory." --Colin Dabkowski

Beth and wendy, publicity 1
Beth Donohue and Wendy Hall in the Irish Classical Theatre Company's production of "Dancing at Lughnasa."

"Dancing at Lughnasa," through March 10 in the Irish Classical Theatre Company's Andrews Theatre. ★★★

From the review: "...You enter and exit the picture fluidly, never sure of whose emotions you’re responding to. In the end, you feel awoken from a dream, in the hazy déjà vu of it all. How exquisite this can be." --Ben Siegel

Anne Gayley, Victoria Perez and Mary Kate O'Connell star in the O'Connell and Company production of "Glorious!"

"Glorious!" through March 3 in O'Connell and Company's Gleasner Hall, Erie Community College Williamsville Campus. ★★★

From the review: "Call it what you will – bravura, tour de force – O’Connell is marvelous as Florence, gentle, innocent, trusting, so serious yet so ridiculous..." --Ted Hadley

Tim Newell stars in the Jewish Repertory Theatre's production of "Mister Benny."

"Mister Benny," through March 3 in the Jewish Repertory Theatre's Maxine and Robert Seller Theatre. ★★★½

From the review: "In 'Mister Benny,' a one-man play by Mark Humphrey about the beloved comedian Jack Benny, Tim Newell slips a white handkerchief into the breast pocket of his suit jacket, puts on a pair of chunky black glasses, and disappears.In his place, the fumbling, charming, self-aware Benny – a comedian whose vaudevillian persona belongs to a distant and more innocent age – comes so vividly to life that even those with little to no experience of his work experience a pang of nostalgia for someone they barely recognize." --Colin Dabkowski

Noises Off IMG_5464
Michele Marie Roberts, Jessica Ferraday, Guy Balotine and Josie DiVincenzo star in "Noises Off" in the Kavinoky Theatre.

"Noises Off," through March 10 in Kavinoky Theatre. ★★★★

From the review: "The Kavinoky’s current production of Michael Frayn’s classic modern farce “Noises Off” is perhaps not absent of flaws. That would be absurd. I dare you to find anything wrong with it, though, or to not take pure joy in everything it offers." --Ben Siegel

The cast of "F------ Men" at Buffalo United Artists.

"F------ Men," through Feb. 23 in Buffalo United Artists Theatre. ★★★

From the review: "For all its playful and shameless titillation, the play is a clever if not exactly boundary-breaking consideration of the ways in which gay men from a cross-section of American society connect to one another." --Colin Dabkowski


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